Il paper scientifico Smart Integration of Appliances for Food processing (Roberta D’Orazio, Davide Tommasin, Paride Babolin, Alessandro Bagante, Luciano Gamberini, Valeria Orso, Alessandro Sperduti, Nicolò Navarin) è stato pubblicato nel Proceding della International Society for Professional Innovation Management 2019 tenutasi a Firenze dal 16-19 giugno.

ISPIM Innovation Conference, è un evento di tre giorni che riunisce esperti di fama mondiale sulla gestione dell’innovazione. durante l’evento ricercatori, manager, leader aziendali e di pensiero condividono approfondimenti sugli hot-topic relativi della gestione dell’innovazione.

Di seguito l’abstract del paper:

The Veneto Region is an intensive labour region characterized by the presence of industrial districts. Most districts are characterized by SMEs, suppliers of product and services in niche areas. Innovation is typically based on a reactive process that responds to specific needs driven by the market and is not supported by a structured process based on internal knowledge and development actions. In recent years the regional government promoted, under the RIS3 strategy, new management models supporting the creation of innovative network as new form of collaboration between industry and enterprises. Such new models, jointly with the digital transformation, are impacting on these environments transforming the business models of manufacturing SMEs and fostering the creation of intelligent product and services. Our goal is to highlight the results of the SIAF project that introduces a new concept for a” Kitchen 4.0″ 

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